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Commissioner: Perspective Brussels

Date: 2020-01 <-> 2020-10

Status project: Project status: The ideal running map was approved by the government of the Brussels-Captial Region in December 2020 is.

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ARTICLE. collecting 2134 geotags for a runner friendly city

Brussels: how to design the runner-friendly city. 

Commissioned by Perspective Brussels (engineering office Brussels), Track conducted a study into the possibilities of rolling out a recreationally active network for (runners). A network of exercise-friendly streets and roads that connects the green spaces of the city. On the proposal of the Prime Minister of the Brussels-Capital Region, the design of an "ideal running map" was approved by the government at the end of December 2020. This will form the basis for consultation with the regional and municipal partners, who will start with the implementation.  

TRACK designed an online map survey, in which approximately 1200 Brussels runners took part in the spring of 2020. They indicated their positive experiences as well as the bottlenecks they encounter. The runner turns out to be the ideal research participant for coming up with a more exercise-friendly city; they are able to pinpoint their experiences on a map. Together they identified over 2100 "geotags" within a variety of important urban themes.  

The desired opportunities for improvement turned out to be twofold. On the one hand, the experiences were about structural urban design; traffic nuisance and road safety, lack of space on the paths, unpleasant crossings, a lack of green spaces and also the explicit lack of pleasant green connections between existing city parks.

On the other hand, they pointed to smaller optimizations and desired additions: better and more soft and even surfaces, the lack of (sufficient) lighting, or small support facilities such as water taps and designated running routes.  

Based on these results, we designed attractive exercise networks for various city districts. In the first place through a number of structural transformations of city streets that create pleasant interconnections between green spaces and surrounding neighbourhoods. These city streets provide space for all moving people;equally for cyclists and regular walkers.

In addition, we made proposals about the additions of signposted (running) routes, supplemented with public sports-recreational facilities (water taps, urban gyms, playgrounds) and improvements in lighting and surfaces of paths..

With this, TRACK took the first steps towards a running friendly city on behalf of and in collaboration with Perspective Brussels.

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