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Opportunities for outdoor sports in Dordt

TRACK was commissioned by the municipality of Dordrecht to look for opportunities for outdoor sports in Dordt. The immediate reason is the plans for the Dordtwijk zone, where parks, sports complexes and residential areas are interwoven as one city park and where there is a lot of space for (individual) outdoor sports and exercise. Since there are already clear plans here, we have proposed a number of short-term measures and have also started looking at possibilities elsewhere in the city. On the one hand, the research has provided insight into which places in Dordrecht are often used for outdoor sports and, on the other hand, it has been made clear where additional facilities or measures may be needed for outdoor athletes, such as runners, cyclists, inline skaters and walkers.

472 runners, walkers and cyclists mapped out their views on opportunities for improvement in and around Amstelveen in an online map survey. These insights were reflected with insights into the sporting use of public space, by collecting exercise data from the activity tracking app STRAVA. 


Based on the insights from the data and map survey, TRACK has developed 6 opportunities for outdoor sports. In doing so, we not only looked at where there is a lot of movement at the moment, but also where this is desired. In addition, proposals have been made for the addition of signposted walking rounds and inline skating rounds, a few urban gyms, real exercise destinations and small adjustments in the public space that benefit the network.

Download hier de samenvatting

Opdrachtgever: Provincie Utrecht

In samenwerking met: Arcadis

Datum traject: 2023-09 <-> 2024-05

Status project:  Het project is afgerond

Documenten:  De publieke samenvatting is te downloaden in naastweergeven pdf. Onderdeel (B) vindt u in onze blogs (zie ook hiernaast). 

Voor de volledige rapporten kunt u ons mailen (

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