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Ringpark Utrecht


Utrecht, spoorzijdes. Young Innovator


Utrecht, Noorderpark- Ruigenhoek


Noorderpark-Ruigenhoek is an important recreational area of North-Utrecht. We investigate how users find their way into this area. Based on these insights, we define opportunities for attracting more users. For information can be found through:

Noorderpark-Ruigenhoek is een belangrijk recreatiegebied van Noord-Utrecht en is onderdeel van de Nieuwe Hollandse waterlinie. We onderzoeken via welke routes de gebruikers toegang vinden tot dit gebied. Op basis hiervan leggen we uiteen waar kansen liggen voor om meer bezoekers te trekken. Meer informatie is te vinden op:

In 2019 we are working for the province of Utrecht on the concept of 'Ringpark Utrecht', a regional design strategy in which the landscape that surrounds the city is the starting point for spatial development. We focus on accessibility and connectivity of recreational areas.

Utrecht, sportpark Maarschalkerweerd


Sportspark Maarschalkerweerd in Utrecht is in development, new informal sports and recreation will be integrated into the current 'formal' sportpark. TRACK will research how runners, pedestrians and cyclists use this area, to define chances for more an even more actively used park.

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