Activating cities and landscapes

Actively used public space, that is what moves us. We apply new forms of research to provide insight in the active usage of (urban) landscapes. With 'crowd-sourced' data, we map running, cycling, hiking, skating and other activities and reveal spatial active bottlenecks.

This knowlegde is translated in clear strategies and concrete design proposals for cities and landscapes, on large or small scales, through large or small interventions. Our strategies focus on the networks of active forms of traffic, shaped by pleasant active spaces with actively usable objects.



The concern of outdoor environments that stimulate a physically active lifestyle increases. It becomes less evident to find pleasant places to move in our increasing urbanizing environment. Also the sports-landscape changes, as an increasing share of people exercise informal/ unorganized. Public space itself is therefore becoming peoples largest sports-facility. But most of all, stimulating physical activity is becoming increasingly important for public health.

To us, being in a good 'shape' starts with the right shapes of the outdoor environment we live in.




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