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Development perspective

Maarschalkerweerd, Utrecht 

Maarschalkerweerd is the largest sports (complex) area in Utrecht, and also forms the transition to the Amelisweerd nature and recreation area. TRACK was asked to inventory where the recreational/sporting significance of Maarschalkerweerd could be increased. This study was used as input for the area vision that has now been presented by the municipality. The vision proposes a transformation of the sports area into a more accessible, sporty park landscape. With improved walking and cycling routes, different areas are more closely connected; with the Kromme Rijn as its backbone.  

TRACK surveyed the area in three ways; (1) by mapping the use by runners and walkers, (2) by runners who use the area to map their experience and (3) by six design proposals that activate the landscape. The design proposals focus on the routes to the area from the city, the accessibility of the area itself, and the connection with the surrounding green areas.

Download Link  complete report Track-Landscapes

Client: Municipality of Utrecht

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