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Brussel netwerk loop en fietsroutes
vision and design, for an move-friendly layout of streets, parks and squares

the active city

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An actively used living environment, that moves us

TRACK landscapes is an agency in landscape architecture and urban design. An actively used living environment, that is what moves us.

With thorough analyzes and innovative research into the behavior and preferences of the active users of the (urban) landscape; cyclists, pedestrians, athletes and recreational users, we demonstrate spatial bottlenecks. We translate these into clear spatial strategies and creative design proposals.

We do this for city and landscape, on a large and small scale, in tasks of recreation and sports in public space, healthy mobility and urban development.

The importance of an environment that invites an active lifestyle is increasing. For our health; in an increasingly urbanized environment, space to move is not always and everywhere evident.

At the same time, the will to cycle or (hard) walk out and enjoy the environment is greater than ever. The sporty landscape is also changing. More and more people exercise freely, the outdoor space in and around the city is our largest joint sports facility.

And for us, a good physical condition starts with the right physical conditions of the environment in which we live.

TRACK kenmerkt zich door het baseren van inrichtingsvoorstellen op grondige, innovatieve onderzoeksmethodes en scherpe analyses.​

  • We crowd-sourcen data van routegebruik van fietsers, wandelaars en hardlopers

  • We ontwikkelen enquête-tools om ruimtelijke wensen en voorkeuren van de actieve gebruikers van de leefomgeving in kaart te brengen

  • We weten de openbare datalagen van hoe de omgeving is opgebouwd te vinden en visualiseren.

  • Maar belangrijker dan dat: we kennen de plekken waaraan we werken door en door. Op ooghoogte, met beide benen op de grond (of op de trappers) beoordelen we routes en ruimtes zoals ze door de gebruiker ervaren worden.



Part 2: the route as destination



About utilitarian and recreational bicycle traffic in the province of Utrecht


Researching Strava Metro as an analysis tool for walkand cycle data
Design research regional cycling routes
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Article in the professional journal De Blauwe Kamer about the smart city
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Interview in national hiking monitor 2021
2023 02 10 Strava_wandeldata_rapport_Page_18.jpg


Future tasks for bicycle and public transport towards 2040
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Towards a recreationally active network for Brussels residents

Vision, strategy, design

From regional visions to small quick wins

We are landscape architects, the core of our work is making strategic visions in areas, and translating this into concrete design proposals. Research can provide insight into the nature of problems. But you can't research a brighter future: we have to come up with it ourselves.


more? see projects

Park Vorst Dudenpark ontwerpvoorstel_tra
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Map Surveys

wishes of moving people

Together we possess the most extensive knowledge of where the activity-friendliness of the environment leaves something to be desired. We harvest this knowledge with our map surveys.

activity tracking

from data to design

We use data from activity trackers to show the movement behavior of  cyclists and pedestrians. Provides an unprecedented overview of the actual use at a glance, a rich input for design assignments.
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Cartography & Analysis

map out thoroughly

Mapping out the outdoor space, routes and its properties in a clear manner is a design assignment in itself. But a map is not yet an analysis, it only becomes that if it establishes a link with the experience from ground level. 

Global Science

knowledge of knowledge

All over the world, research and design is carried out into movement and perception of people in public space. There is a lot of knowledge and there are already many good examples. We prefer to be inspired first,
before we invent a wheel ourselves! 
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Please feel free to contact us personally

TRACK-Landscapes is located in
'de Klompenfabriek':
Weerdsingel Westzijde 33A
3513 BC Utrecht

Thijs Dolders


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Mart Reiling


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