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Regulatory effect of mountain bike routes

In recent years, many new mountain bike routes have been built in the Netherlands, or existing mountain bike routes have been renovated. Mountain biking has been an outdoor sport since ~1996. But since the new mtb routes, and helped by the corona pandemic, mountain biking has become an integral part of the sports and recreational landscape. It has moved many people and that is a very nice development.

However, mountain bikers are also increasingly being mentioned as a group that causes problems. You can regularly read about alleged disruption of nature, but also about friction with other types of recreation. However, the use or behaviour of mountain bikers is not looked at factually / numerically. Certain arguments remain
that discussion is neglected.

Following an initial analysis in the Den Treek area, TRACK landscapes now analyzes the behaviour of mountain bikers, in time and space, in Drenthe, Gelderland and Limburg. In this way information is actually created about the use of mountain bikers in nature reserves and this can be used to better steer this group of outdoor athletes and to prevent conflicts.

Client: NTFU

Date trajectory: 2022-09 <-> 2022-12

Project status: ongoing

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Positief effect MTB-routes verklaard

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