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bestaande looproutes en fietsroutes rond utrecht centraal_track-landscapes
fietsroutes naar utrecht centraal
fietsstructuur hoofdfietsroutes utrecht
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Client: Municipality of Utrecht, Central Government Real Estate Agency, NS and ProRail

Date trajectory: 2019-06 <-> 2019-12

The new centre

As a follow-up to the Young Innovator project ' opportunities above the rail ', the research project 'The new center' was set up, a collaboration between the municipality of Utrecht, Het Rijksvastgoedbedrijf, NS, Prorail, Next-architects and TRACK-landscapes.


Utrecht is growing like weed around the Central Station. Now that the contours of the various plans between the historic city center and the Merwede Canal are taking shape, a question mark emerges in the heart of the new center: What significance does the space above and around the railway have for the city and in the direction transverse to it? For new urban real estate and programmes, for new connections along, over or under the railway, as new space for expanding the adjacent public transport nodes, or as green residential areas?

TRACK mainly kept an eye on the routes; the connection of the thought developments with the rest of the city. Which connections are the most logical, urgent and promising? And how do those connections land in the rail zone?

The results of the investigation can be released to a limited extent for the time being. 

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