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Suggested bicycle connections in  vision of the future bicycle region of Utrecht

In November 2021, the province of Utrecht presented the regional bicycle future . This is aimed at regional further development of cycling routes and cycling facilities.

The list of proposed measures lists various compounds that  we presented two visions about route-related recreation in the Utrecht region and the Amersfoort region. In doing so, we specifically looked for measures that would improve both utility and recreational cycling. For example, various new bridges on the north side of Amersfoort would make both the landscape of Arkemheen and the adjacent cores more attractive.

In 2019 we also wrote the blog ' beautiful fast cycling routes' about our 'nice fast' view of cycling routes.



landschappen_met kringels-01.png

Regional vision for route-related recreation 

mooi snelfietsroutes utrecht.png

Blog about the joint opportunities between utilitarian and recreational cyclists

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