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Brussels running plan published

Since the beginning of 2020, we have been working on a running plan for Brussels (in collaboration with perspective brussels). Brussels is bursting with runners, but the layout of the city is certainly not exercise-friendly.


With a digital map survey ( ) we asked Brussels runners to 'geotag' their experiences and wishes in (Google) maps. 1,250 runners have already done so. And then it turns out again: runners move at the intersection of pedestrians and cyclists. Above all, they know their habitat really well, both during the day and in the dark.


Runners, on the other hand, look for variety in routes and explore them both online and on the spot. This makes it possible to collect 'big data', in which the healthy user of the city indicates exactly what needs to be done where. The wishes of the runner express a city that every active and healthy person wants: more green space and less (intersections with) motorized traffic, more pedestrian space and separate bicycle paths, level surfaces, better lighting, cleaner air, more water fountains and public fitness equipment. ..


The project was picked up and highlighted in various media:

See also project:
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Research and design into the (running) friendly city

sports in the city  , bicycle  and  walking routes

LINK: article the standard:


LINK: presentation Perspective Brussels:


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LINK: BRUZZ article: Brussels gets map with city track for joggers


LINK: article HLN

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