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'Running Amsterdam'

included in Sportplan Amsterdam and running routes manual.


The sports plan describes the municipality's ambitions for the development of sports. This underlines the increasing importance of public space for informal sports. The results of our 'Running Amsterdam' research form one of the starting points for gaining more insight into the sporting use of the city.

A follow-up elaboration of the sports plan is  the walking routes manual. In it, the municipality of Amsterdam describes its plans for walking routes in the coming years. The 'Running Amsterdam' study is used as a guideline for this in order to gain more insight into the spatial needs and opportunities for routes. The project  running routes Amsterdam North  became the first concrete elaboration that led to various signposted walking routes.


See also projects:
running routes Noord.png

Een  network of signposted running routes


Running Amsterdam: design research into the running-friendly city.

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