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Vision for route-leisure in the Amersfoort region

The municipalities in the Amersfoort region want to gain more insight into the use of and the need for outdoor recreation, now and in the near future until 2040.


TRACK inventoried the nature and structure of recreational routes and mapped the use of routes based on data from the apps Strava and Endomondo. Based on these insights, the main opportunities and challenges are set out for expanding and improving route-related recreation.


Landscape as a starting point

Amersfoort is located exactly at the intersection of the forest and heath-rich Heuvelrug, the semi-open landscape of 'de Vallei', and the vast moorland Arkemheen/Eemland.  


This scenic wealth has been the basis for the way recreation has developed in this region, and should remain the basis of future development. Ask walkers, runners, recreational cyclists or cyclists about their top preference, and 'the quality of the environment/landscape' is always number one.


The properties and qualities of the landscapes differ, which means that the potential for further development of route-bound recreation also differs. The core of this research consists of five outlined tasks; each problem belongs to one or a few types of areas, and one or more groups of users.


(too) busy (too)

With this research we also steer towards developments in crowds that arise in green areas. There are large differences in the extent to which different areas receive different numbers of holidaymakers. In principle, this is also desirable, but both 'too busy' and 'too quiet' can occur. But certain areas (such as the Eemland) are interesting for small target groups such as the real peace seekers or bird watchers. He or she prefers to be alone and enjoy nature. Areas that are more vulnerable and unable to cope with the large column of holidaymakers lend themselves here.

We can also steer in the human tendency to always want to go to 'the forest'. The countryside is also beautiful, we can encourage more walking and cycling. This certainly applies to the Amersfoort region.

Making areas such as the Vallei and Eemland more accessible can help to give breathing space to the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, for example, without being destroyed by one's own success. By taking the intrinsic values of the area as a starting point, they can offer a new experience to be discovered for specific target groups such as those seeking tranquility.

Download Link  complete report Track-Landscapes

Client: Bureau Amersfoort Region and Province of Utrecht  

Date trajectory: 2020-07 <-> 2021-04

recreatie en natuur_fijnmazig landschap.jpg


Nature and recreation, part 1: accessibility 

recreatie en natuur_bewandelbaar landelijk gebied_.jpg


Nature and recreation, part 2: is it in the way? The route as destination

recreatie en natuur_fijnmazig landschap
recreatie en natuur_loopommetjes landschap
recreatie en natuur_stad land verbindingen activity tracking
recreatie en natuur_missende verbindingen
recreatie en natuur_strava metro gebruik voetgangers
recreatie en natuur_toegankelijk landschap
recreatie en natuur_bewandelbaar landelijk gebied_
recreatie en natuur_looproute landelijke gebied vallei_
recreatie en natuur_met de fiets naar een opstappunt
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